While we're maximizing the situation, many more gantry's can be hung outboard over the water like salmon trawlers do; in fair conditions; or be hoisted aboard when inclement. Multiple synchronized blades could be strung up the forward face of any spar; locked into a single drive shaft going up a mast. The turbine would be below decks, out of the salt; powered by the drive shaft coming down through the deck. This drive could be linked to the hydraulic system and couple to the turbine system that way. It doesn't take too much more to envision these masts as air foils, or sail capable, and the casings around OSMEGS  Rams  installed on the deck, could  deflect wind upwards into the blade field.  The installation of a single AREA A  type OSMEGS Ram on the transom, could be taking a charge from another vessel tied off the stern. For that matter a ' Rack of Ram ' could be installed  across the aft deck, with any series of floating weights attached to them; throw them over the side, let them fill up partially with water; pull a trip line to release the water to haul aboard.
    Just when a guy thought he'd done it all, he considered putting the solar powered de-salination unit to work watering crops on deck or under grow lights down below, or in the dark areas could be mushrooms, or worm farms. Fish farms in the swimming pool, organic vegies in the 'tween decks, water reservoirs in the tanks, coastwatch in the crows nest, radar surveillence from the crosstrees, satellite tracking from the yardarm, ' Flying Rams' on the gantrys, weather station on the bridge, Live Media /Internet readouts and webcams, Emergency/Commercial radio, TV and cellular phone transmission base in the control room, OSMEGS  Rams in the hold and topsides, fore 'n' aft, wind farms on the masts and in the rigging.

The ONLY other thing I can think of would be to attach two supertankers side by side catamaran style to allow a massive floating base for a miriad of uses. Gambling, tourism, media, communications, security, patrol, rescue, military, penal, voluntary, communal, but above all self powering and globally applicable.
    At the very least; offshore Coast Guard, Emergency Oil Spill Response, or Pilot bases.

    With such a ship, Dennis Hopper could easily have conquered the ill fated earth in Kevin Costner's  
" Waterworld ";  while our future could be sincerely augmented by an ocean full of these;
    Portable  floating, self supporting, sustainable, multiple resource platforms, the,    
             Ocean Going Eco Ark Sustainable Energy Resource,       or (CAT) OGEASER  if you will,         
                                                                                                                 and Noah ?!
                                                                                                                                        he'd still be here!