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These following links  " The Other Guys " are entirely substantiating evidence in support of the irrefutable critique on  Page 25        Moz
  Apparently, to date;-  despite hundreds of thousands of dollars (dare I say millions?) and nearly three decades of tank tests, it appears that what's been achieved is loss of credibility with the general public and three or four wave power devices currently in use in Europe and Asia and none in the United States.. Unfortunately, the above list shows ALL the reasons why there aren't more systems deployed. They are romantic and unrealistic expectations of not only what can NOT be left in the sea unattended, but also what the general public will NOT tolerate for one minute in their ocean or on their beachfront; nor is it very likely that any regulatory commission will allow them either. In fact the list of complainants will be composed of so many letters it'll look like someone spilled a cauldron of alphabet soup !  Doesn't that tell you something?? Our scientists can put men an the moon, and a probe on Mars, but they can't get electricity from waves. Maybe that's just as well, since they've managed to completely trash the space around the planet    with unnumerable pieces of what are now junk and liability, pray that the experimenters don't get a chance to do the same thing to our oceans !!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   December 2002            
Poems CEO Proposes Pontoons Filled With Mercury  ("NOT in MY Ocean !!")
Practical Ocean Energy Management Systems : POEMS
Wave Eater One      " The Mighty Whale "
Wave Eater Two   Surfline   "Wavemill" ( Has this guy even stood in the surf ??!! )
Wave Eater Three    "Seapower  FWPV"
Wave Eater Four   "Wave Dragon"   ( aka " WAITIN' FOR THE BLOW " )
Tubular Steel From Hell   "Wave Plunger"
Marker Bouy Prop Catcher   "Archimedes Wave Swing"
Marker Bouy   "IPS OWEC"
Oil Rig Marker Bouys   "Ocean Motion Project"  ( Twenty years and still no takers. )
Surfline Litter   "McCabe Wave Pump"   ( aka " ONE GOOD WAVE " )
Floating Kelp Bed   "Oscillating Water Column"
Davis Hydro Turbine
Floating Slime Farm    "Slotcone Generator"
Seaweed Blender   "Tidal Rotor"
Smashing Seas Compressor Oscillating Water Column    "WaveGen"
U.S.Navy Prop Catchers
Underwater Fish Feeder Reef, Bellingham ,Washington
Marker Bouy   "Sperboy"
Electric Eel on the Sea Floor
Barnacle Garden  "Islay"
Tideline Wave Smashers and Prop Catching   "Salter Duck"
Shrapnel Reef    "Ocean Wave Energy Converter"
Hawaiian Hydraulic Oil Spill Underwater    "PowerBouy"
Tree Catcher    "Baby"
Semi-Sumerged Shipping Hazard Cylinders     "Pelamis"    Prediction    Confirmed 
Oil Spill Shipping Hazard    "Bodgepumpen"
Nightmare Bathtub Toy    "Swan DK3"
Bathtub Toy Extraordinaire   "Poseidons Organ"
Propellor Catcher    "Seapower Streamturbine"
More "Man Against The Ocean"  Plans on the drawing Board
Water Column Turbine   "Backward Duct Bouy"
Green Slime Guano Island   "Osprey 2000"
Prop Catcher And Backward Bent Duct   "Wavepower"
"All Experiments Have Been Conducted In A Wave Tank" --" Osprey"
Another Wimpy Bouy Requiring A Service Vessel For Little Return
These Guys Just Keep Drawing Nifty Little Bathtub Toys
Each One Of These Are  Too Puny and Too Complicated to Last
Wonderful Things For Christmas
Will Somebody Stop These Guys ?!
Surfline Turbine    "The Limpet "
Surfline Turbine Australia    "Energetech"

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